Plant Kween Propagates the Pink Princess Philodendron

My mom is only slightly mad I killed her original plant in the process.


I bought my mom this Pink Princess Philodendron last year for Christmas.   It had some crazy growth over the year (from 3 to 13 leaves!) and ultimately lost a lot of the pink.  I guess it’s more like a green-brown-burgundy-black princess now.

Most of the growth was vertical from one stem, so I asked her if I could try my hand at propagating.  She…reluctantly…agreed.  One weekend in November, I made the trek to my hometown with my pruning shears and four weeks worth of laundry in hand.

Even though my mom had sent (what seemed like) hourly updates of her pink princess philodendron’s growth, I was still shocked when I saw it.  This plant went from having three piddly leaves to being a four foot tall staked vine.

This was my first time experimenting with propagation, so I watched a few videos from the Plant Influencers on YouTube and said a quick prayer.


My mom and I agreed that she would give me the top four leaves of her philodendron if I would at least try to do my own laundry.  She held up her end of the bargain–I’m still learning the difference between detergent and fabric softener.

So, I have a rootless, but healthy size, cutting of this ambiguously colored (yikes?) princess.  What now?

root (2)

It turns out that philodendrons are one of the easier plants to propagate for beginners.  The pink princess has aerial root nodes, seen above.  When they’re exposed to air, they stay short. However, if you leave them submerged for a while, they will begin to grow.

I have had my nodes submerged for about a month now (still less time than my laundry usually sits in the washer), and they have all grown about two inches.  I am not sure how long they need to be to be planted, but I am figuring a few more inches of growth won’t hurt.

My mom’s original plant isn’t doing the greatest.  After I cut off the top, my mom repotted it.  I think it’s in shock.  We’re going to leave it alone for a while and hope for the best.  If it dies before Christmas, I think I might pot the new propagation.

I can’t give my mom the actual same plant for Christmas two years in a row right?

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