Mobilized Plants

They’re on the move.


When temperatures started dropping this fall, I knew I needed to move fast.

For those of us who experience seasons, keeping tropical plants alive throughout the winter is a struggle.  Keeping your plants in a bright spot often means they are near a drafty window.  Turning up the heat equals dry air and, therefore, crispy plants.

Indoor gardening is the real Song of Ice and Fire.


I live in St. Louis, land of the Missouri Botanical Garden, deep-fried ravioli, and some of the most unpredictable weather in the United States.  As I write this on Thursday, November 8, Missouri is expecting snow tonight after a high of 61 degrees on Tuesday.

These quick changes in temperature can shock your plants if you are not careful.


To combat all of this, I am putting my plants on a cart to test out different locations in my home.  Trial and error is an effective tool when you are looking for the perfect spot to place your green friends.

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